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Get around Rome with My Personal Driver

A service that puts quality, safety and people first: My personal Driver is the new car rental with driver service that gets you around Rome with no hurdles and in full comfort

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Fiumicino – When you’re on a trip, be it a holiday or for business, after a long flight the last thing you want is for it to take ages to get from the airport to your actual destination, let alone for the journey to be uncomfortable. No, you want this transfer to be just like the rest of your journey: safe, pleasant, comfortable, customizable, easy to schedule and suited to your needs . If this is what you’re looking for, then whenever you need to get around Rome the best solution for you is My Personal Driver.

Get around Rome… with professionals

My Personal Driver is a professional car rental with driver service that puts quality and reliabilty first. “Our goal is to always deliver an all-around top-notch service”, this is the firm’s mission in the words of its founder Raffaele Emili.

An experienced chauffeur himself, Raffaele firmly believes quality and professionalism are the the keys to success in the long run. When asked about what those two values mean in this profession he replies with no hesitation: “It means our drivers are all trusted experienced professionals, with great knowledge of the city, both of its streets and places, able to speak foreign languages and behind the wheel of top class vehicles”.

Get around Rome, business solution

A professional car rental with driver service is ideal to reach all your appointments in the city

Having met him recently we had the chance to delve a bit deeper on the topic. “Can you tell us something more specific – we asked – about the cars you employ?”. He eagerly replied: “First of all the car needs to be a new model and of recent registration, while also to be kept in pristine condition. Secondly, our drivers’ cars must be authorized to access the airports’ terminals, cruise ships’ docking points and Rome’s historic areas”.

Why you should choose My Personal Driver

My Personal Driver‘s service main strength is that it puts people first on both sides. Both customers and drivers are not just numbers, or cogs in a wheel: they are people and they need to connect and relate to each other as such. “Together with the attention to quality and safety, we believe creating a real bond between our drivers and our clients is what creates a different level of experience” says Raffaele.

“We take pride in letting our customers actually get to know our drivers – continues Raffaele – not only because we trust in their ability to deliver on the job, but also because we want everyone we work for to feel at home, heard and understood from start to finish”.

To achieve such a level of communication the firm makes it easy to directly reach its drivers with a variety of tools. Customers can contact their driver of choice directly through the official App (download it here for Android), through the website (visit it here), by phone and even through social media like the Facebook page (visit it here).

How to book a ride?

My Personal Driver can be reached through its official website, its official App, through the official facebook page or more traditional channels like phone calls and email. All these tools can be used to book a ride, so that every client may be able to do it in whatever form is more practical for them.

NCC a Roma: Schermata App Android

From the App you can also directly book a ride on the most requested routes

“The booking process is no different from the rest of the experience we want to provide: easy, customizable and built to suit the client’s needs – tells us Raffaele – that is why we allow the client to freely choose what tool they prefer to book a ride“.

Using the app and the official website is encouraged by the firm, because its fastest and allows full control and full customization, but all other channels available are just as fine: just as it is possible to customize the route, it is possible to customize the booking process as well.

“If the client wants to get around Rome and visit several places on the same day, they may want to give us a call so we may help them organize the tour. If they want to book quickly on one of our main routes, for example a transfer from the FCO Airport to Rome City’s centre, using the app or the websites is the best solution, because it is by far the fastest” suggests Raffaele when asked about why they allow for multiple booking tools.

Thanks to the smartphone App, (the Android version is already available, while the one for iOS will be released soon) it is possible to carry all of My Personal Driver‘s services with you in your pocket. Every advanced functionality present on the website is also available on the App. Through the App it is also possible to directly contact both the chosen driver and the support.

Get around Rome… but never around safety

Because of the COVID-19 situation, it is more important than ever to provide the customer with a full sense of safety. To make the service a great experience My Personal Driver informs all passengers about what measures have been taken to ensure their health and protection, so they can just relax and enjoy the ride.

“If you book a ride with us you don’t just get around Rome: you know you do it with all safety measures considered and applied” proudly remarks Raffaele. “if we could not grant our customers a safe experience – he adds – we would not operate at all”

To ensure such level of safety all vehicles employed are regularly fully sanitized and are cleaned and ventilated after each ride. All national legislation regarding COVID-19 safety protocols is fully complied to, including allowing a reduced number of passengers per vehicle and the use of protective masks.

Stay in touch

Another feature that sets My Personal Driver apart from its competitors is that, even after the service is concluded, is that drivers and customers are invited to stay in touch using the firm’s official social media pages. “A fully satisfied customer means everything to us: that is why we encourage them to share their story and how their experience with our service was, be it through reviews or social media” concludes Raffaele.

Whenever you need a professional car rental with driver service in Rome you should definitely choose My Personal Driver. Here follows a list of links and contacts to their main pages and official channels:

Website: www.mypersonaldriverapp.com
Android App on the Google Play Store: My Personal Driver
Facebook page: @MyPersonalDriverApp
Support mail: support@mypersonaldriverapp.it

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