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My Personal Driver, the alternative for a safe transport

An excellent car rental with driver service committed to providing the safest eand smoothest experience possible for all its customers thanks to the employment of all the best safety measures available.

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Rome –  In a time of growing uncertainty, with the Covid-19 epidemic once again on the rise, it’s become paramount to protect ourselves and our loved ones choosing carefully services that can guarantee a fully safe transport. It is for this reason that My Personal Driver has made safety a cornerstone of its activity, to provide all its customers every manner of security and protection.

Safe tranport in compliance to the current regulation

My Personal Driver is a car rental with driver service that since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency has put the safety of its passengers first. Compliance with the national regulation and rules was just the starting point: frequent disinfection and cleaning of all vehicles, complete ventilation after each ride, careful regard to the maximum number of passengers allowed have all become good practices the company employs religiously.

Such attention to hygene and the attention for social distances is the answer for a scenario we can observe aournd us every day: public transport service cannot always guarantee an adequate level of safety in a moment such as this. Recent images of people amassing while waiting to get on the subway with no regard for social distancing in both Rome and Milan have gone viral on the internet. The situation is similar in the case of trains and buses: it actually afect the entire local public transport system.

The certainty of exclusivity

My Personal Driver has made another joice of principle, deciding to grant all its customers the full exclusivity of their ride. Booking a a ride there will be no possibility of actually being part of a shuttle service, which is a single ride that gets shared between multiple customers. This kind of solution does not grant the level of safety that the company wants to provide all its customers with and that is why it is rejected entirely.

La metropolitana non è un mezzo di trasporto sicuro

A shot of people waitinig to get on the roman B line subway

Another advantage provided by choosing a car rental with driver service compared to the public tranport system is the reduced number of vehicles and people you have to come in contact with in order to reach your destination. If a direct connection does not exist, it is often necessay to get on multiple means of transport to get where we want to. it is an every-day experience that of workers thet take a train first to reach the city and a bus after that. With My Personal Driver reaching any destination in a single ride becomes possible, with no exchanges needed and with no need to wait in crowded areas for either the train or the bus to come by.

Useful links

If you need a car rental with driver service in Rome choose My personal Driver. here’s a list of useful links to its official pages:

Website: www.mypersonaldriverapp.com
Android App on the Google PlayStore: My Personal Driver
iOS App on the Apple store: My personal Driver
Facebook Page: @MyPersonalDriverApp
Support Mail: support@mypersonaldriverapp.it

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