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Here’s how to fly to Rome without having to go into quarantine

Thanks to a combined effort, from December 19th it will be possible to fly from the US to Rome without having to go into quarantine afterwards

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Rome – Thanks to a combined effort it will be now possible to fly from the US to Rome without being required to self-isolate for 14 days in compliance to the anti-Covid19 regulation. This was made possible through a partnership between Delta Air Lines, Alitalia Air Lines, ADR (Aeroporti di Roma) and the Newark e Jfk airports in New York and the Hartsfield-Jackson of Atlanta.

Here’s how it works: this simplified procedure will be available to American and EU citizens that wish to fly from the US to Rome. To benefit from this opportunity the passenger must be authorized to move from the US to Italy for proven and essential reasons, such as work, education or health.

Passengers who wish to board on these “Covid-free” flights must first test negative to a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test made within 72 hours before departure time. If this first test comes back negative, then the passenger must undergo a rapid Covid-19 test done in the airport just before boarding the plane. Another similar rapid test will be done in the Roman airport of Fiumicino (FCO airport) after landing.

If all these tests come back negative the passenger will be allowed to freely move in Italy without having to go into quarantine for the standard 14 days.

Delta Air Lines president Steve Sear commented “The State of Georgia and the Italian government have demonstrated leadership in testing protocols and practices that can safely reopen international travel without quarantine requirements” in an official statement on Delta’s new official website.

This program officially starts on December 19 and will be expanded on throughout 2021. Italy is the first European country to implement a similar protocol. It is though by no accident that the FCO airport was chosen first: it was the first airport in the world to receive the Covid-19 5-Star Airport Rating from Skytraxrating and national Covid-free flights between Rome and Milan are available since September 16th.

After landing in Rome passengers will be free to take advantage of all transport and hosting businesses available. For example, they will be free to use booking services such as booking.com to find hotels and B&B.

They will also find a plethora of transport solutions available to them. Whether in need of a car with driver service like My Personal Driver, a limousine service, train, or even a shuttle ride, the passengers will be allowed to choose whatever solution they prefer in order to get to their final destination.

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